Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Last night, my husband, son and mother-in-law were going out for a walk. My mother-in-law offered to stay home and do something for dinner. I said we were fine because dinner was in the crock pot already.

Then, as I was chopping lettuce, tomatoes and various other things for accompaniments; this thought crossed my mind. "I love preparing food for my family." I guess, that's when I realized that for me food is love. Having dinner on the table when my husband gets home from work so that we can all gather together is important to me. It gives us the opportunity to be together immediately with the people we love the most. It also gives me the opportunity to shape my children's lives - not only the eating habits that they are developing, but their sense of self worth.

I hope that as they grow my boys will know how much their parents love them. And that through our family dinners they will learn and grow.

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Amber said...

I love this thought. My life and many memories were shaped by eating with my family. Even now, when we eat together, it is a great event that, although we stop eating, the event goes on for a long time.

You are amazing! Up and about after just a week! Don't push yourself too much!


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