Friday, August 15, 2008


A reading post on a foodblog? You may ask what I am thinking. Well, here is what I have been reading and thinking about. Some really interesting points are brought up in this book - like: Don't use food as a bribe or reward. And, some good reminders, too - like: A child may be served a new food ten times before even trying it. I also spent some time reading the general tips out loud to my husband (while driving home from my parents' house, so he was a "captive" audience for 45 minutes). And, I learned why my husband doesn't like to eat leftovers more than once. [He is great at taking leftovers for lunch once, or for dinner once later in the week - but, after that, don't ask him to eat it again.]

So, this is what I'm working on:
1. Balancing my toddler's meals - protein, fruit, veggies, and carbs
2. Serving new things, but being willing to eat them myself if he doesn't
3. Making mealtime fun, in order to disguise the healthy food I want him to eat.

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