Thursday, March 13, 2008

St. Patty's Day

I can't believe that Saint Patrick's Day and Easter fall so close together this year (only 6 days apart)! That is a little too close to adequately "shift" holidays in between, so here are my St. Patty's plans:

Monday, March 10th - Shamrock Rice Krispie treats for FHE
Monday, March 17th (if we're still around) -
St. Patty's Breakfast:
Green milk
Green Eggs & Ham
Painted Toast or Shamrock Pancakes
St. Patty's dinner:
Potato-Leek Soup & Corned Beef and Cabbage (from the Baker family Cookbook)
Cheddar-Onion Bites (mine will be on Triscuits)
And, then, for dessert these delicious treats!

And these darling "Wee Leprechauns" will adorn our table (if I ever get around to buying green craft foam).

So those are my St. Patrick's Day plans. Andrew had a great time making the Shamrock Rice Krispies, but mostly he was eating the over-sized marshmallows. At a certain point, you have to cut the kid offf!


Petersen Family said...

Darling ideas Megan! I'm so glad you're posting about fun things for holidays! Thanks for the ideas!

Erin said...

Megan do you actually make all of these.You are making the rest of us look pretty bad. Seriously I wish my life was as organized as yours to be able to cook like I want to. I am lucky if I get dinner made on a regular basis. I have to make dinner around one while the girls nap. Do you do that too?

zane and lexi said...

You amaze me!! If only I was as organized as you. I think it's so fun for Andrew to have such a festive "food" day. I love that Andrew loves to help with everything too!


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