Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Week's Dinner Menu

Sunday - Father's Day Extravaganza! I let my three-year-old plan the menu for Dad today.

Eggs Benedict
Graham Cracker and Chocolate Frosting Sandwiches
"Love" PB&J
Homemade Pizza - Award-Winning and BBQ Chicken
Tri-Colore Orzo Salad

Monday - BBQ Chicken Salad Stackers (No, we don't eat them every week, but I keep forgetting to defrost the puff pastry.)
Tuesday - Orecchiette with Broccoloi Rabe Pesto
Wednesday - My Birthday! Perhaps, I'll just eat all my favorite foods.
Thursday - Baked Chicken Taquitos (I will be missing my "Meal Swap" friend.)
Friday - Tuxedo Salad
Saturday - Leftovers - no fun on a Saturday, but we'll see where the week takes us!

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