Friday, June 5, 2009

SuperNoots for Super Eaters

We tried it and it is great! We have been using the SuperNoots chart for about 1 month now. My three year old is not a very big eater, but it seemed like everything was "sprinkled with sugar." If you know what I mean. I had limited fruit snacks to one package per day, but how do you explain that you are not "required" to eat that one package.

When SuperNoots arrived, we unpacked it together. I really talked it up, saying how fun it would be to make a list for shopping and move his magnets with each food he ate. And, you know what it worked. When he ask for a snack, I can say, "What would be a healthy choice?" and he will check his board to see what he still needs for the day.

The best part about it, other than limiting to one "treat" per day, is that I discovered many more fruits and vegetables that my three year old is willing to eat. We definitely have our favorite things to eat, but we are woeking some variety in as well. And, SuperNoots is helping me build a foundation of understanding the different food groups and eating a balanced diet even though my kids are little. I can't wait to get the "How 'Bout Me" Pack for the next little one and start him on a path to healthy eating as well!

Try it yourself, I promise you'll like it!

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