Saturday, June 21, 2008

This Week's Dinner Menu

My husband is out of town this week AGAIN. Most likely, we will be spending the week with my parents and sisters. Hooray for sister #2 coming home from college! I will try to post about the yummy food that we are eating along the way.

Everyone help out by posting what you are planning this week for dinner. I always request help on the week's when I'm not cooking, and NOBODY responds. I know you're reading this, so post your menu plan! It helps to give all of us ideas for dinner.


Abbey said...

So, I haven't really done any experimental cooking since we moved in the last couple of weeks. But tonight I happened to have almost everything on hand to make these yummy Chicken tacos from Michael Chiarello. I made some of my own changes to use the ingredients I had and they were still super delicious. I think this would be a filling I would make regularly.,,FOOD_9936_33525,00.html

Abbey said...

I guess I could have just posted this in my own blog, but that just seems like more work, and I guess besides unpacking my house, I'm trying to keep everything else at a minimum. Just want you to know I'm lovin' your recipes!


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