Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mmmmm! Muffins

I just came across this recipe and it just so happens that I have yucky, brown bananas waiting to be turned into yummy bread. I can't wait to serve them to Andrew for breakfast tomorrow!

***Update: These were so yummy! They exceeded my expectations. My toddler loved them because they satisfied his sweet cravings, and I loved them because he wasn't just eating a cookie.***

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Turnbow Family said...

Ambitious I know, I made 2 of your recipies in one day! As i was searching for the other one I came across this one and thought to myself, I have bananas that I need to use up. I made them with wheat flour and used applesauce instead of oil and they were still great. I didn't dare decrease the sugar because I was taking them to a get together last night and didn't want to risk them not being good. I think next time I will decrease the sugar a bit, they're plenty sweet with the choc chips, (i used milk chocolate). Keep up the good work megan :) i'll just keep coming here looking for recipies.


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