Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Week's New Recipe Reviews

Rustic Spinach Salad
Well, It wasn't my favorite salad that I have ever had . . . But, with a few adjustments, it has potential. I didn't end up adding the chicken because we didn't do the BBQ chicken pizza I was thinking of, and didn't have chicken cooked. I did, however, add craisins to the salad. I think that with a different dressing it might work better.

White Enchiladas
This was a good recipe. We really liked the flavor of it. My husband's comment was, "Mama laced the enchiladas with zucchini." I informed him that the zucchini and corn were part of the originaly recipe. We still love "Dad's Birthday Enchiladas" the most, but for a white enchilada these were pretty high ranking.

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