Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Indian Dinner

We had dinner with my grandparents, cousins and parents this past Saturday at an Indian restaurant. We had some recommendations as to what we should order, and everything was delicious. Here are some recipes that I have rounded up to try and recreate them at home.

Gobi Manchurian
Saag Paneer
Tandoori-Style Barbeque Sauce
Makhani (Butter) Chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
Vegetable Korma (I found this one quite spicy! You can substitute coconut milk for the heavy cream.)
Naan Bread

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Abbey said...

Oh Megan, I have been making Indian for the last couple of years now and we love it! You're recipe's here look wonderful and I would love to try them. The Pioneer Woman also makes a Tikka Masala and a Butter chicken that I'd like to try. The recipe you have for Naan is the same I have always used and it is so wonderful. I also have a coconut curry that is to die for that I serve with the Naan. I'll have to get you that recipe if you want it.

Have you tried Coconut Kurma? That is one of my favorite indian dishes. Can you tell I like Indian?! Thanks for always posting such great recipes; I use them all the time. You are amazing!


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