Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This Week's Crazy Menu

Okay, maybe the menu isn't crazy, but I sure feel crazy with all the "stuff" that is going on this week. We have a soccer coach's meeting, an Eagle Court of Honor, a baby shower, and a wedding reception. Not to mention a car in the shop, which required me to drive 45 minutes to pick my husband up from work. So, good luck planning dinners around that. Here's what has happened so far:

Sunday - my parents, sisters, and grandparents joined us for dinner after a weekend away at a family wedding. We had: Anniversary Chicken, green beans, mini-Caprese salad, green salad, baguette, and Texas Sheet Cake for dessert.
Monday- I picked the husband up from work, and we ate out.
Tuesday - the kids ate early, I went to an exercise class then ate restaurant leftovers for dinner, while the husband had pb&j with SunChips.

Now, here we are on Wednesday, and I'm still trying to figure out a menu for the rest of the week. How about this?

Wednesday - Fusilli alla Caprese, roasted garlic bread, green beans.
Thursday - Tuxedo Salad (easy to prep ahea of time and then we can eat whenever we get to it). This is the Baby Shower night.
Friday- I think that I desired a night off, but we'll probably whip up some pizza on the grill.
Saturday - Wedding Reception, I'll be busy. But, the husband and kids will have to find their own food. And, no, ice cream does not count as dinner.

Maybe next week will look better . . . maybe.

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