Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Short Week Dinner Menu

Having just gotten back from a trip, here is our shortened dinner menu:

Wednesday - pizza from our favorite place
Thursday - Nachos, zucchini, fruit
Friday - Bruschetta Chicken Bake, broccoli, garden salad
Saturday - Homemade Tomato Soup, and Grilled Cheese Crostinis

I think I also try this or that for breakfast on Sunday morning. If sticking with my resolve to eat better, exercise and lose those last five "baby pounds"; I will be fixing the latter. But, they both look really good for different reasons.

P.S. After not cooking nearly all month, you would think that I would be more excited to cook. But, dinner was not on my mind while trying to plan. Dessert was, I think that is a bad sign for a "diet".

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